Kabul Afghanistan Airport 2 People Falling From Plane Live Video Download

Kabul Airport Video Falling off Plane – After the occupation of most parts of Afghanistan, including the capital of the terrorist organization, Kabul, the people there are scared. They want to leave Afghanistan somehow. Thousand of civilians gathered at Kabul airport on Monday desperate to flee the Afghan capital Kabul after the Taliban captured Kabul, 2 youths people from a plane leaving Kabul after reportedly losing grip on the exterior of the plane. He reportedly fell in mid-air, due to which he died. This prompted the US military to suspend the evacuation as there was growing criticism at home over its withdrawal to the United States.

Kabul Afghanistan Airport 2 People Falling From Plane Live Video Download

Terrifying pictures are coming from Afghanistan being destroyed by the Taliban. The turmoil and uncertainty can be clearly seen in each one. The condition of Kabul Airport is the worst. There was so much chaos that American soldiers had to fire. At least three people are reported to have died in that firing. Meanwhile, a video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This video is being told near Kabul airport only. In the video, two people are seen falling from the plane taking off.

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Two People Kabul Airport Video Falling From Plane

A large number of people are fleeing the country since the Taliban took over in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, three passengers have fallen down from a plane departing from Kabul Airport. These passengers were unable to make a place inside the plane. When the plane reached altitude, people lost their balance. two people falling from the sky died. Later their bodies were found on the roof of the houses. The situation has become so bad that 60 countries have appealed to the Taliban that citizens who do not want to live in Afghanistan should be allowed to leave the country.

Jaki Anwari Afgan Football Player Death : 

Many people even sat on the wheel of the plane to leave the country here. Some people were also seen above the plane. After the plane took off, the news of the death of three people sitting at the wheel was revealed. It is being told that Zaki was also among the dead. Zaki was one of thousands of Afghans who arrived at the Hamid Karzai International Airport on Monday. so that they can leave the country after the Taliban capture Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

Video of 3 People Falling from Plane in Kabul

The video was recorded by locals and then uploaded on the internet. The video of the three falling is going viral on social media. However, it cannot be confirmed yet that when this video is from and in which plane these people were hanging. The whole world is in shock at how the people of Afghanistan are facing the situation over there.

Afghanistan is currently facing a crisis of change of power. The Taliban has taken over the reins here and former President Ashraf Ghani has left the country. Earlier on Sunday, the situation started deteriorating with the entry of Taliban in the capital Kabul. People were in a hurry to leave the country because of the fear of the Taliban, and because of this, the streets of the capital, Kabul, became jammed.

Here I have embedded a video which shows who were the people who fell from the plane and where they fell. We are deeply saddened by what is happening in Afghanistan. We know that we cannot do anything but pray for peace in Afghanistan and may the souls of the three people who died in the plane crash rest in peace.

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