Kolkata FF Fatafat Result Today (12 July 2022) Live & Patti Chart

Kolkata FF Fatafat Result Today 12 July 2022 Live : Hey Folks, Welcome to Kolkata FF Result Today’s 25/06/2022 result. If you are looking for a Kolkata FF Fatafat Result (কলকাতা ফটাফট) and Kolkata Live Patti Chart then you are on the right website. Here we publish the Kolkata FF Fatafat Results every day. You can watch this Kolkata FF Fatafat Result 12 July every day or download it in pdf format.

Kolkata FF is a very popular lottery game. The Kolkata FF game is completely based on the lottery number system in which you have to guess the number and when the player winners are declared outright, the organizers keep on releasing the list of the names of the lottery winners.

The Kolkata department will release Kolkata FF lottery result on its official website. People who have bought tickets can check their number. Kolkata FF Fatafat keeps a game for the public to earn money fast. For these, people have to buy tickets and then see their ticket numbers on the result list.

The Kolkata FF Fatafat result 2021 of Kolkata State Kolkata FF Result 12 July 2022 is published exclusively on this Article. On this website, you can see the lottery results of almost all of India. We publish updated Kolkata FF Fatafat results daily here. You can also find Kolkata Fatafat Old Record results here. The results of the Kolkata FF Result live below. You can just check it or download it in pdf format also.

Kolkata FF Fatafat Result Today

In this article, we have also provided a time of Kolkata Fatafat Result for this lottery which will be published today that is 12 July. It is requested to all candidates be on time for the result. It is required to visit the official website regularly to check the winner list.

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Kolkata FF Fatafat Result Today 

Kolkata FF Lottery game is not only played in Kolkata, apart from this it is also played by many people from other states of the country, due to which it is a very big and popular lottery game. However, for your information, let us tell you that it is illegal to play betting and if you are found involved in it, then there is a provision of punishment in it. But despite this, people play it and win rewards too.

We provide lottery results from various parts of India on this website. The players will be getting their Kolkata Lottery 12 July result from this page. We will provide the list of winners on this page and you will be able to download it from here only. You will also get a link to the PDF file which will contain the list of winners for 12/07/2022.

Sunday Kolkata FF Fatafat lottery result will be released on 07 of June on the official website first prize is 1 crores. The lottery draw will be held at Kolkata by the lottery machine. The result will be live for the Kolkata FF Lottery Result. Kolkata FF Lottery prices are RS 40 only. Its result will be released after 4:30 p.m. officially by the lottery department. The winner will get a cash prize after the deduction of 0.7% plus and a total 40% reduction from the lottery prize.

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Overview Information of Kolkata FF Fatafat 2022

Article on Lottery Result
Name of Lottery Kolkata FF Fatafat
State Kolkata
Department Kolkata State Lotteries
Winning Prize Money Rs, 1 Crore
Ticket Price Rs. 6/-
Result Date 12 July 2022
Result Status Published
Official Website www.kolkataff.com

Kolkata FF Fatafat Result 12 July, 2022

Kolkata Fatafat (FF) is a famous lottery game in Kolkata city. New Kolkata Fatafat lottery is like any other lottery played in many states. It is a Satta Matka-based lottery system under which players gamble money on a lucky number they choose. West Bengal, this is quite famous because it has been played for years by locals over there.

Kolkata FF Fatafat lottery is a gamble for players which is dependent on their luck. If you guess the right number, then you can win a huge amount in it, although it depends on how much money you have invested in the beginning. But if you are not able to guess the correct number then you lose all the money you have invested.

Kolkata FF Fatafat lottery includes the drawing of numbers at random for a prize in Kolkata, users play the Kolkata FF Fatafat lottery to win a lot of money. Between Monday and Saturday, Users can be a part of this game 8 times in a single day and but, on Sunday, you can play it 4 times. Here we are updating the live Kolkata FF lottery result 12.07.22. So the people are requested to keep watching this page for Today Kolkata FF Lottery Result. Check Kolkata FF Lottery Result Today.

Kolkata FF Patti Ka Chart

Those who are playing Kolkata State Lottery for the first time that, you need to take care of some details. Here we are trying to tell you about Kolkata FF Fatafat in detail. Kolkata FF Lottery Result 12 July Details can also be found on the official site as well as given here. It ranks second in the world of Kolkata FF Fatafat which can be the largest from 0 to 9. The every participants is comply to follow Lottery Rules strictly.

The Winning group confirm number is releases by kolkatafatafat.com official website only. So you need to also verify your ticket and winner lottery chart at official website as well as lottery office. You know folks, Kolkata FF Fatafat Result also known by many other names like Kolkata FF Fatafat Live, Kolkata FF Fatafat King, Fatafat publish power game among other names.

In this paragraph, Kolkata FF chart details are described. Candidates are requested to verify the chart before entering the game. These bar chart details will help you to win in game otherwise you lose game then this Kolkata FF Fatafat Patti Chart will be important for you for next round.

Kolkata FF Patti Chart Today

Kolkata FF Fatafat Patti ChartKolkata FF Fatafat Patti Chart

Kolkata FF Jodi Chart
Mo Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat











































** 17 88 99 28 96





































Kolkata FF Fatafat Winning Prize Money

Kolkata FF Fatafat result will be released tomorrow. The Huge amount can win by the participants in Kolkata FF Lottery. But there are the participants who first need to purchase a Lottery ticket for any agent. As per the directorate state department, the first winner of the lottery will get for a 1 crores cash prize. The Prize is distributed among all tickets. The winner can claim the winning prize money just after the Result chart publishes. Check it carefully:

Kolkata Fatafat Prize Money
Kolkata FF Purchase Rate 6 INR par lottery
Kolkata FF First Prize 1 Crore (Tentative)
2nd Prize 9000 INR (Tentative)
3rd Prize 500 INR (Tentative)
4th Prize 280 INR (Tentative)
5th Prize 120 INR (Tentative)

Note : After winning Kolkata FF Fatafat Lottery, You have to submit the Kolkata FF Prize claim form. You can find this Claim Form on the official website of Kolkata FF Lottery kolkataff.com by visiting this link, you can download this Kolkata FF Lottery Prize claim form. This name is Application For Lotttery Price Claim.

Kolkata FF Today Live Result 12 July

The foremost thing the participants need to know is that they need to buy the Kolkata FF Lottery tickets. Once the results are out, the participants can get the results on the board’s official website of Kolkata FF lotteries alone. The traditional form of betting was gradually done based on pulling the card from the Earthenware pot, which in Hindi is known as the ‘Kolkata FF’. Kolkata FF is the city in Kolkata. Find the Kolkata lottery today result below.

Kolkata FF Fatafat ensures to provide a maximum number of options for people to buy Lottery. Kolkata FF Fatafat could be a quick thanks to build cash and acquire loaded. You’ll try to win your luck here as they supply opportunities to win an enormous quantity with none struggle.

Kolkata FF Fatafat is not necessary for people to wait for long days to check out the results, as it consumes a lot of time and wastes a lot of time to buy. If the digits of the lottery match thereupon of the numbers written on the ticket- Hurrah! the person wins associate degree insanely Brobdingnagian quantity in an internet lottery.

Daily results are more like a boon for Kolkata FF lottery players, as most of them prefer to play and try out their luck every day. The daily results can help people to make up and to earn more in a quick span of time. The daily results concept has attracted a lot of customers, as they can either buy one or more lotteries on a daily basis to balance your risks with other numbers. In this paragraph you find the Kolkata Lottery Today Result Today.

Kolkata FF Fatafat Result (কলকাতা ফটাফট)

Kolkata FF Result 12 July 2022

160 126 590 368 778 890 340 765
7 9 4 7 2 9 2 1

Kolkata FF Result 12 July Night 

130 145 339 146 255 360 231 145
4 0 5 1 2 9 3 9

Kolkata FF Result 12 Julu Morning 

349 699 390 344 259 356 123 999
6 4 2 1 6 4 6 7

Kolkata FF Result 12 July 2022

267 258 259 990 458 660 345 123
5 5 6 8 7 2 2 6

Kolkata FF Result 12 July 1st Baazi

First Round  12
Second Round 34

Kolkata FF Result 12 July 2nd Bazi 

First Round  Second Round
0o3 74

Kolkata FF Result 12 July 3rd Bazi

First Round  90
Second Round  23

Kolkata FF Result 12 July 4th Bazi

First Round  78
Second Round  50

Kolkata FF Result 12 July 5th Bazi 

First Round  98
Second Round  34

Kolkata FF Result 12 July 6th Bazi 

First Round  56
Second Round  65

Kolkata FF Result 12 July 7th Bazi

First Round  34
Second Round  12

Kolkata FF Result 12 July 8th Bazi

First Round  76
Second Round  10
12 July Today 
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
799 267 229 269 577 468 *** ***
5 5 3 7 9 8 * *

Kolkata FF Fatafat Live Result Today 12 July

Kolkata ff Today Result

Time  K/FF K/FF 
11: 55 AM

Kolkata Fatafat Lottery Result 

How to Get Kolkata FF Fatafat Result Today 

Here you are given the following steps which will help you to know your Kolkata FF Fatafat Result. Let us look at these steps one by one.

  • First of all, Visit the Official Website of Kolkata Fatafat i.e. www.kolkataff.com.
  • Now find your today’s sports bets on the home page of this portal.
  • Then verify the number below it.
  • If it matches your number then you have won the game.

Kolkata FF Old Result Chart 

Kolkata FF Fatafat Old Result Chart

Kolkata Fatafat Result Timing

The game is played according to time, with all rounds or bets set in time. Such as 10.30 am, 12.00 pm, 01.30 pm, 03.00 pm, 4.30 pm, 06.00 pm, 07.30 pm and 09.30 pm. We will provide you complete information about all betting timings in our article. Players who participated in the draw can check the result at the respective time on the official website.

The Kolkata FF is a famous lottery where the results are updated on the official website. In this Paragraph Kolkata FF Timing will be out at 5 different times as mentioned in the above table. The Winning Numbers of the Kolkata FF Lottery Result for the upcoming draw will be updated on our page. Get the live Kolkata FF Lottery Results, Baazi Timing today here.

Baazi Result Timing
1st round 14:03 am
2nd round 14:33 am
3rd round 01:03 pm
4th round 02:33 pm
6th round 05:03 pm
7th round 06:33 pm
8th round 08:03 pm
8th round 08:33 pm

 Tips To Win Kolkata FF Lottery Today 

Here we are going to tell you some tips to win the lottery in Kolkata FF, if you are thinking that in this paragraph we will not tell you some such tips or mantras by which you can win easily then you are wrong because here we are going to tell you Will tell some ways through which you can become a lucky winner by putting your mind.

Below we are going to tell you some steps, with the help of which you can try your luck in Kolkata Fatafat and become a winner.

  • You should Know the Rules: Kolkata FF is a very simple and an easy game; you can easily understand the format and rules of FF draws If you Understand the rules of lottery draws properly, you can easily become a kolkata ff winner.
  • Don’t Repeat Your Mistakes: Your silly and stupid mistakes can result you huge financial losses. So you should be very cautious and avoid making mistakes. Also, make sure that you don’t repeat these mistakes in future.
  • Avoid Placing Huge Bets: As per the numbers you choose, you have an option to choose from different bets of different sizes. So you can either bet small amounts or large amounts depending on your choice. High bets involve high risks and low bets involves low risks.
  • Keep Your Bets Simple: The format of the Kolkata FF game is very simple. Each participant has to choose three numbers in two sets. The numbers range from 0 to 9. It is always best to choose simple numbers, and place simple bets.

More Win Tricks : Kolkata Fatafat Winning Tips Today

Kolkata FF Fatafat Live Result Video 

Kolkata FF Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions. Those who have come to your mind after reading this will be satisfied. But apart from these questions, if any question is in your mind, then you can also ask us by making comments. we will try our best to answer you as soon as possible.

✅What is Kolkata FF ? 

Ans : This Game is purely a luck base game. Kolkata FF Fatafat is the famous lottery game of Kolkata held in 8 rounds from Monday to Saturday. This is a lottery numbers game in which you can win by numbers, which is played online only.

✅Where to check Today’s Kolkata FF result?

Ans: You can check your Kolkata FF Fatafat Today Result on the official website kolkataff.fun, www.kolkataff.in www.kolkataff.com, or throw our website getnaukritoday.com. Today Kolkata FF results can be check from www.kolkata-ff.org official website.

✅Is this a legal game?

Ans. The game is legal in some states like Kolkaa, Kerala, Nagaland, Sikkim where people can play it freely. But in some states it has not yet been given a legal right.

✅What is the Minimum bid for Kolkata FF?

According to the official website of Kolkata FF, the game does not have any minimum or maximum bet per se. Depending on the area, the minimum bet may be between Rs.5 to Rs10.

✅What is today’s 1st prize for Kolkata FF?

Ans. The Kokata FF Today’s 1st Prize is Rs.1 Crore.

✅What is the Prize Value?

Rs. 100 Single – winning amount should be Rs. 900
Rs. 100 on Patti – winning amount should be Rs. 10000
Rs. 100 on Jodi – winning amount should be Rs. 8100

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